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Qlik Sense Logo - An image full of popular brands

When we look at Qlik Sense for the first time, a corporate executive might think “Gosh darn it! There are no opportunities in this tool for us to show off our brand or even our company colors”. But that is far from the truth. As I begin to play more with the latest iteration of the tool (3.0), there are some easy and unobtrusive ways to professionally brand your Qlik Sense apps with your company logo and also add accent colors of your choice. I also created a part 2 of this series: How To: Qlik Sense Branding 2 – White Label the Hub

Qlik Sense Branding – Behold, the Content Libraries

A stack of Wired Magazine spines representing an "image library"

We are talking about a different library of images.

Pictures like logos or thumbnails are held in Content Libraries. There is a Default Content Library for the entire environment and a library for each app therein. So if you have a corporate logo that will be inserted in every app, it would be best to upload it to the Default Content Library. Whereas, individual screenshots can be loaded to the corresponding App Library. You can also create additional libraries in the QMC. Access the Default Content Library via the QMC –> Start –> Content libraries Qlik Sense Branding - QMC Screenshot Media Library upload Access the App Library within the App Overview by clicking on the pencil or the settings gear. Qlik Sense Branding - QMC Screenshot Media Library upload - dragging diles

Tips for All Qlik Sense Logos and Images

In general, please keep these points in mind:

  • Thumbnails in Qlik Sense are displayed in an aspect ratio of 8×5.  So be sure your images are cropped to that ratio.
  • To conserve space, I would recommend images no larger than 400×250. You cannot upload a file larger than 5mb.
  • Qlik Sense supports images in png, jpg, jpeg and gif formats. I recommend png.
  • Images can only be added to the apps in your “Work” stream. Images cannot be adjusted in a Published App.


Adding App Thumbnail

The first impression of your app is provided by the App Thumbnail that displays in the Hub. To assign an image from a Content Library to your App, first open the app. Once in App Overview, select the pencil icon in the upper right. An image icon appears on the thumbnail space. Clicking that will display the library list where you can upload an image and/or assign an image from one of the content libraries. Qlik Sense Logo Screenshot add app thumbnail Be sure to create a great title and especially a description of your application. Not only does this help the user understand the intent of the analytics, but it also makes you look very professional.

“I Want Our Logo to Appear on Every Page” ~ Anonymous CMO

Being somewhat of a minimalist regarding “useless decoration” in my data analytics, I die-a-little-on-the-inside when an executive tells me she wants the company logo on every sheet. My first reaction is “Why? Don’t your users know where they work?” With that said, I realize there is a legitimate need to brand the software we use, especially when that software might face a customer. Thankfully Qlik Sense provides us a super easy and appropriate way to do this. In the App Overview, you will find the Settings by clicking the gear icon. There we can choose a logo in the Image section. The logo will sit in the upper part of each sheet under the gray selection bar. The other neat feature is that you can choose up to 2 colors (creates a gradient) that will span the header of your application sheets with your logo. Although I would prefer no background color here, this is an opportunity to not only represent the proper logo, but also accent the app with your company colors. Please note that the 8×5 aspect ratio does NOT apply to this image. The image will retain the aspect of the original file. Qlik Sense Logo Screenshot setting the heading colors

Qlik Sense Branding - Screenshot 1 example for the banner colors and logo

You can see the green gradient running through the header bar.


Qlik Sense Branding - Screenshot another example for the banner colors and logo

I prefer this second version without the extra color gradient.


Adding Sheet Images – a good way to coordinate Qlik Sense Branding

It is baffling to me that when a Qlik Sense app gets published, the cool layout icons provided when the app was in the Work stream get replaced with generic bar chart icons.

Qlik Sense Branding - Screenshot representing the screen icons from our Work stream

These are cool.


Qlik Sense Branding - Screenshot representing the screen icons from our Published Stream

These are NOT cool.

I am not sure why this happens or if there is a way to solve, but my preference is to simply create my own real screenshots that will persist regardless of the stream the app is in.

Qlik Sense Branding - Screenshot representing the replacement screen icons from our Published Stream

This is what I ended up with. Back to Cool.

Unfortunately, you will have to manually create these screenshots and add them to the App Library and then assign them to each sheet. It would be great if Qlik would make this obvious approach easier. Within the App Overview, click the info button for the sheet, select the pencil and you can then select the image icon to choose the screenshot from your library. Qlik Sense Logo - Screenshot representing how to replace the screen icons from our Published Stream   Summing Up This beats the idea of adding a “Text & image” object to our pages. That method takes up valuable grid space. Overall, I am impressed with the stylizing capabilities provided for branding our Qlik Sense apps. Of course, we can do even more if we think outside the box. Things like creating your own intranet page to house the Hub come to mind. I would encourage you to take the time to add these little details in your own Qlik Sense branding exercise, not only because they are consistent with the corporate branding strategy, but mostly because these additions make your apps look great. They also do not take much time to implement. I was happy to discover this feature. Are their other good Qlik Sense Branding opportunities here? Leave your comments.

Don’t forget to visit part 2: Qlik Sense Branding 2 – White Label the Hub

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  • Reply David Aubke October 24, 2016, 6:56 pm

    Hey Aaron, I am unable to find the gear icon on the “App overview” page. I can’t find anything that leads to an interface for adding a background image.

    One of our C*Os wants the logo to appear on every page…

  • Reply Aaron Couron October 24, 2016, 7:28 pm

    Hi Dave!
    This feature only exists in Qlik Sense 3.0 and up. It is likely you will need to install the latest version.

    • Reply David Auibke October 25, 2016, 12:50 pm

      Thanks Aaron. We’ll be upgrading soon.

  • Reply Garrett Tedeman November 10, 2016, 2:17 am

    Good tips! Definitely worth a bookmark.

  • Reply Denis Brennan December 7, 2016, 5:14 pm

    Great stuff- very useful indeed. I m intrigued by “creating your own intranet page to house the hub”. How would one go about that. May be worth a blog post.
    Keep it up

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