Show Off Your Favorite Qlik Dashboard

Many Qlik Developers I meet have really awesome Qlik dashboards they have created. The dashboards I have created are like my little offspring. Some are ugly, yet functional. Some are super-colorful POC demos that never see real use. And some are that happy balance of intriguing visualization combined with useful insight.

This is an opportunity for you to be a part of LivingQlik. To participate, just find your favorite QlikView or Qlik Sense dashboard sheet that YOU have designed. Then upload it using the form below. It can be a fun application, or extremely useful or incredibly unique or visually beautiful or all of the above.

In 2 weeks, we will have a follow-up post featuring some of the more interesting examples. We will credit you (if you wish) and offer some comments on what makes each one special.

How can you participate?

  • Use the form below to upload your file. The screenshot needs to be either a png or jpg and must be less than 10mb.
  • Feel free to enter your name or you can simply type “Anonymous” if you do not want to be credited.
  • You can type or paste in some commentary that directs our readers to the interesting or unique part of the dashboard. If you don’t enter anything here, I will add my own “editorial” which might not match your intention.
  • Please only upload public data or data you have permission to upload.
  • By uploading an image, you are giving LivingQlik the right to publish the image and the accompanying name and text you entered.
  • Your image might be cropped and or resized to meet aesthetic guidelines.
  • Space is limited and inclusion or exclusion from the post is no indication of the quality of your work. 🙂


Send LivingQlik Your Screenshot Now


Here are a few examples I created. I am sure that your example will blow me out of the water.


This is one of the sheets from the Internet of Things app featured in a prior post. The use of red is aesthetically pleasing even if the distances between the individual colors are too small to be effective. I rarely use radar charts, but this one sure does look cool.


This is a QlikView example that I have used to monitor my exercise. The colors are persistent so that Running is always blue, for example. I got the idea to put an icon inside the donut chart from another dashboard I came across. Although I am no longer this serious about analyzing my workouts, this was fun for a while and highly functional. This app was featured in this article that described how to assign the colors at multiple levels.


This was just a fun app that utilized a dataset regarding UFO sightings. It uses the Simple Table extension and the CapVentis Zoomable Circle Packing extension. Both can be found on Qlik Branch.


Final Thoughts

Be sure to come back in a few weeks to check out the results.

Thank you in advance for contributing your beautiful work to LivingQlik. You are what make this community great.

Happy Qliking!


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