All Real QlikView Developers Have This in Their Library [Review]

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I Still Prefer Physical Books

I am old-school when it comes to books. I prefer the physical object. I need to pick it up, leaf through the pages, dog-ear sections I want to go back to and so on. Call me a tree-killer or whatever. I simply get more value out of the physical book. This is especially true when it comes to reference materials for my job.

QlikView Your Business

book-cover-qlikview-your-businessThe team over at Natural Synergies has created a great reference that also serves as a tutorial and has the added advantage of being well written and interesting (at least for somebody who is Living Qlik). Written by Oleg Troyansky, Tammy Gibson and Charlie Leichtweis (with a forward by Lars Bjork) it is easy to see breadth of experience in this book. These guys know what they are doing. QlikView Your Business leads the reader through business problems of increasing complexity, using QlikView to address the challenges. The book actually takes us through 3 different QlikView apps including straight-forward Sales Analysis, more complex Profitability Analysis and then expanding into Inventory Analysis. The book is accompanied by downloadable exercises the user can use to follow along. The real advantage of QlikView Your Business over other offerings in the QlikView space is that Oleg and team do a great job tying the business problem to the technical solution. I often find technical people that don’t know or care about the business problem and business people who could care less about how the problem is technically solved. It is rare to find content that ties them together so perfectly. Another great feature of the book is that care is taken to lead different kinds of users to chapters that will more likely pertain to their needs. So whether you are the executive making a buying decision, the data architect or the business data analyst, you can easily find the correct content for you. At almost 800 pages QlikView Your Business is overflowing with practical information. There are some great chapters regarding set analysis, multiple fact tables, concatenating running balances, advanced functions like AGGR and even a few chapters on Qlik Sense. There is just good, solid stuff here that all QlikView developers need to know and apply. If you are a Qlik partner that provides training to your clients, Natural Synergies also provides QlikView Your Business in a classroom format. In fact we use this at our consultancy.

Final Thoughts

I generally am not one of these guys that has to pick up every Qlik book that exists (well I do have many at this point). But I do consider QlikView Your Business to be necessary for a serious QlikView developer. It is just so good at solving these common business challenges that I find every week in the field.

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  • Reply Ali Shan Khaliq January 27, 2017, 10:29 am

    its very Useful and have in great knowledge for Real and Beginer Qlikview Developer..i have to read this book.

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