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Aaron Couron - I am Living QlikViewI have worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant specializing in the Qlik platform since 2010. I revel in helping businesses gain insight into their data, enabling them to make quicker and better decisions. I also spend a good percentage of my time training new developers. I am lucky enough to be doing something with my life that I enjoy, pays the bills and helps people. I also use QlikView and Qlik Sense in my personal life, creating apps that expose my personal finances, workouts, eating habits, investments and anything else I can fathom to track. I am LivingQlik.

My Story

I cut my teeth in the Logistics industry. My recurring nightmare was the CFO asking me for some report that he needed in twenty minutes. We always had lots of data, but it was always difficult to find a quick and functional way to get that data out of their respective systems into cohesive and repeatable analytics. I tried using all sorts of tools from SQL Reporting Services to Crystal Reports to MS Excel. Regardless of how much time I put in, even if I came up with the data, I was never ready to answer the next question and the visuals were all static and lackluster.

When I found QlikView, I left those other tools behind and never looked back. The flexibility of its ETL and front-end design just make it perfect for so many situations. It was so much fun that I decided to help others utilize the tool and have been doing so ever since.

But Why the Blog?

I come across specific technical problems using Qlik every day. And I have found very good solutions to those problems in other great blogs. So this is one way for me to return this favor to other up-and-coming Qlik developers. Hopefully my contribution will add just a little bit to the other resources that span this platform.

The goal here at LivingQlik is to provide content that helps you progress in your journey with QlikView and Qlik Sense. In this blog, you can expect to find in-depth articles, technical tips and tricks, and reviews of third-party applications and resources.

Another goal is somewhat selfish as I find that if I write something down (or teach it to somebody else) it puts that data into my permanent “hard drive” rather than my short term “RAM”. And if I do forget, at least I will have a reference in the form of this blog.

Getting Started

If you are a seasoned developer, the featured posts on the right are a great place to start. If you are a newbie, you should start with the LivingQlik Roots Series.

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Enriching your life with QlikView and Qlik Sense

My sincere hope is that the content here is useful to you. Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate you spending time here.


Aaron Couron

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