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Create a Layered Qlik Architecture post image

Create a Layered Qlik Architecture

Evidence of Qlik Layered into the Fossil Record. When us Qlik developers start out, we feel accomplished merely loading data into an app and displaying a few sexy charts on [...]

Where’s Qlik-Waldo post image

Where’s Qlik-Waldo

Or... Using the Google GeoCoding API to Obtain Geographic Coordinates for Your Qlik Applications Maps have been all the rage for BI visualization tools. It seems every major contender has a [...]

Five “W’s” – One “H” post image

Five “W’s” – One “H”

As a business consultant and Qlik design “architect”, one of the very first things I preach is communication, communication, communication.  Does this sound cliché, you’ve heard it before or I’m [...]

QlikView Music Player post image

QlikView Music Player

Why? This is a “just because I can” post. I use QlikView in all sorts of personal applications from reviewing my investment accounts to analyzing my workout performance. I thought [...]

Variations on the Linear Gauge post image

Variations on the Linear Gauge

When running a nuclear plant, working gauges are an important consideration. One of the most powerful visuals for BI analytics, in my opinion, is simply the addition of a relative linear [...]

Eyes – Data Discovery Thumb

Real Time Data – A Direct Discovery Use-Case

I have been struggling to figure out where Direct Discovery makes sense. Advertised as the solution for “Big Data” problems, I experimented on this use-case with unsatisfactory results. Maybe I [...]


Living Qlik is a blog that focuses on the Qlik Business Discovery platform. Here you will find tips and tricks, third-party resources and general musings for QlikView, Qlik Sense and the rest of the product suite. I hope you enjoy, participate and come back for more. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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