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17 Qlik Experts Reveal Their Favorite Tips post image

17 Qlik Experts Reveal Their Favorite Tips

All of us QlikView and Qlik Sense developers, regardless of expertise, are always clamoring for the best tips and tricks. There's the tried and true foundational advice I continually remind myself [...]

qlik sense extensions featured image gazing up the trunk of a large tree part 2 thumbnail

9 More Must-Have Qlik Sense Extensions

Welcome to part two in LivingQlik’s series on Must-Have Qlik Sense Extensions. In part one, we focused on my 7 favorite visual extensions. After doing more research and collecting feedback from [...]

qlik sense extensions – thumbnail  image gazing up the trunk of a large tree

7 Must-Have Qlik Sense Extensions

In this post we will be focusing on free visualization extensions. Here are 7 Qlik Sense Extensions you must have in your toolkit. These are in no particular order. This post [...]

qlikview script pitfalls thumbnail – a screenshot from the video game pitfall

6 Common QlikView Script Errors

Surprise, loading data into Qlik is not always easy. But we already know you weren't fooled when the salesperson confidently declared, "Any trained monkey can load your data into Qlik". [...]

Qlik Sense thumbnail – An image full of popular brands

How To: Simple Qlik Sense Branding

When we look at Qlik Sense for the first time, a corporate executive might think “Gosh darn it! There are no opportunities in this tool for us to show off [...]

QlikView Color Sequence – Thumbnail – Incremental Rainbow

Utility: QlikView Color Sequence Generator

This is a cool little utility that creates incrementally sequenced RGB colors for your QlikView applications in a few variations. When trying to get “colors in between two colors”, I have [...]


LivingQlik is all about our favorite Business Discovery platform. I focus on all things Qlik, including QlikView, Qlik Sense, NPrinting and supporting tools. Here you will find great tips, tutorials, add-on tools, and news about the broader BI community. If you are looking for a good place to start, the LivingQlik Roots series feature fundamental topics.

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